“The Cloud Meets the Bluetooth Smart” – Standing room only on April 30

It wasn’t easy but we managed to arrange a truly last minute Distinguished Lecture engagement for Joe Decuir.  (Sincere thanks to several folks for their graciousness on Monday and Tuesday as we worked to plan a talk for Wednesday.)  The University of San Diego Student Branch stepped up and became co-sponsors as well.

I was aiming for 15 attendees, even though it’s a great topic, given the last minute notice and the meeting conflicts.  Having well over twice that number of members to find seats for was a great problem to have.

It was clearly a topic of great interest and impressive how many current developers were there to get the inside scoop from speaker Joe Decuir whose known both for his industry achievements and his leadership on the standards.  Thank you, Joe, for a valuable contribution.

On the IEEE-AESS side, there was a Linkedin post just this morning on how all this is relevant to AESS.  (I had thought we were staying a little far from core topics in the name of bringing a great talk in, but now I can say Consumer Electronics has met AESS here.

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