R6 Northeast Area Meeting – Salt Lake City on April 12

April 12 brought the second official “campaign” stop at the Northeast Area meeting in Salt Lake City. I changed my presentation so that I talked about the region first — this puts first things first but I am in a new area and some folks really don’t already know me…to solve this I will have to point to this very webpage. Ramesh and I each had to answer three questions: one on insurance, one on transitioning student members, and one on running meetings well. Answering each of these as well as they deserve requires their own blog posts.

One of the highlights of the meeting was the award program (kudos to Jennifer Hershman) and actual HKN (pardon me, that’s IEEE-HKN now) initiation of the Northeast Area Chair, Dan Christenson by IEEE-HKN President-Elect Evelyn Hirsch. The meeting also had results – every section leader present agreed that it would be helpful to have monthly phone meetings (not web, given the ongoing technology issues) because of their common interests and ability to help each other.

Coming soon:  If it’s Friday, I must be flying somewhere.  Ramesh and I are off to UC Berkeley for the Central Area meeting on April 19.

Kathleen Kramer | Candidate for IEEE R6 Director-Elect