Meeting on Radar Systems – High Interest on April 9

I hosted a meeting on Radar Systems with Stephen Pendergast to an overly full house under the auspices of the San Diego Chapter of AESS that I chair. Stephen has 45-years of radar experience and is a life member of IEEE — I noticed he was teaching a continuing education course on this and arm-twisted him into presenting to our IEEE members. I used e-notice (a tool available to all IEEE volunteers across the world) to publicize and we filled up. I expanded the capacity. We filled up. I expanded the capacity. We filled up again. (repeat two more times).

So. once again– it was a “sell out” (it’s perhaps wrong to say sell out when it’s free to members and we only got $10 in revenue).

It was very satisfying to note how happy our audience was with the meeting. It did make me wonder, though, because in this group of 50, I was the only woman engineer in attendance.

Is it the topic? Is it the type of notice?

Thanks very much to Stephen for letting me distribute his slides and for agreeing to be a pilot test for a system we’re developing in San Diego to have videos of meetings.