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Mentoring for IEEE Students – Call for Mentors

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IEEE Region 6 is partnering with MentorNet to help students pursuing degrees in IEEE to connect with professionals who understand the workplace. MentorNet is an open social network for mentoring that connects STEM students, from freshman year through doctoral levels, with mentors working in a variety of STEM fields. Mentees attend U.S. colleges and universities.  After we “stock up” on IEEE mentors we will invite IEEE students to join and Mentornet will connect them to a mentor who then accepts them and they commit to participate in mentoring over a 4-month period.

Step 1: Join.  IEEE members can now complete your profile at MentorNet or Special for AESS Mentoring – Include Aerospace in your technical interests. In answer to the question “Are you affiliated with any of MentorNet’s partner organizations?” select IEEE Region 6. You will need to complete a 1 hour online training.


IEEE Rising Stars Conference in Vegas January 2-4 – Register by December 4


Come to connect and be inspired. Rising Stars brings together the most promising students and young professionals to learn from each others and the top tech companies from around the world. IEEE Rising Stars is at the Excalibur Hotel in Las Vegas January 2-4.

The program of technology celebrities will be sharing knowledge on both next-generation technology and next-level professional development.  Sessions include:

• The Next Big ThingsrisingstarsBWlogo
• Ninja Polymers
• Disruptive Solutions
• Rocket Boosters
• Career Growth for Young Professionals
• Startup to Starting Up
• Software Emersion
• Cybersecurity
• Lightening Presentations
• Maximizing Soft Skills Value
• Pitch Workshop
• Global Integrated Sensors
• 3D Printing in Space

The first event begins at 3 pm on January 2. The complete program is available at Rising Stars Conference Program

Rising Stars is held in conjunction with Storage Visions, a 1000-attendee event on rapidly evolving digital storage technology. Registration for the Storage Visions reception at only $50/person with Rising Stars registration provides exhibits entrance to the over 3,600 exhibitors unveiling the latest in consumer technology at CES 2016.


IEEE Student Members can get the $199 rate (and IEEE Members the $349 rate) through December 4 only. Rates rise midnight December 4. Register at: Rising Stars Conference Registration

Excalibur_Exterior_23450_low-300x197Special low Excalibur Hotel rates are available only through the conference. Discounted rooms can and will sell out. They are available only through December 16, priced from $41 plus resort fee ($15) plus taxes, with $20 per person per night for third and fourth person. Excalibur Hotel IEEE Reservation

IEEE Region 6 Area Meetings in October…San Jose on October 3, Las Vegas on October 17, and Los Angeles on October 24

There are 3 IEEE Region 6 Area Meetings this fall:

October 3 brings together the R6 Northwest and Central Areas for their first joint meeting in in San Jose, CA, for a meeting of section leaders and student branches from 7 states: Alaska, Washington, Northern Idaho, Oregon, Northern Nevada, Hawaii, and Northern California.  Central-Northwest.

October 17 brings together the R6 Southwest and Northeast Areas for their first joint meeting in Las Vegas, NV for a meeting of section leaders and student branches from 7 states including New Mexico, Arizona, San Diego (California), Las Vegas (Nevada), Idaho, Montana, and Utah.  NorthEast-Southwest.

October 24 is the Southern Area Meeting in Los Angeles, CA.  Southern Area includes California sections in Los Angeles and surrounding counties from the Central Coast and Ventura to Riverside County.


Rising Stars starts January 3 – Especially for Young Professionals and Students


On October 25 at South(ern) by Southwest (our first joint Region 6 Southern Area and Southwest Area meeting),  the big news was the upcoming 2015 RISING STARS CONFERENCE – Where Students and Young Professionals Come to Connect and be Inspired.  IEEE Region 6’s Rising Stars Conference is a partner event to the Storage Visions Conference, which is not an IEEE conference. Rising Stars Conference atendees can attend the reception at the Storage Visions Conference starting at 6 PM on Monday January 5, 2015 in the Riviera Hotel Convention Center and can add on for an exhibits only pass to the Consumer Electronics Show.  Many IEEE student branches have this show as an annual fun event, but now they can combine it with Rising Stars.

Young Professionals /Women In Engineering on October 7

Young-Professionals-Logo-RGB_FINALA Young Professionals and Women in Engineering event on October 7 at the IEEE Systems Men and Cybernetics Conference is now combined into an IEEE networking and professional development event that is open to San Diego members and students.

My contribution will be a professional development talk on “Lessons Navigating Your Own Success For Engineers Who Fail At Being Average” — thanks to section and STEP sponsorship, it’s free, but advance registration is required. Register here.

Student success and transitions — it’s commencement time!

It’s the time of year when students, friends, family, and professors hear a lot of names after hearing “…all rights and privileges thereunto appertaining” which is our overly wordy way of telling students “you’ve graduated”.  I am particularly proud of the first graduating class of the new Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering at my own University of San Diego.  One of our grads is an IEEE student member (and veteran) featured here:   Class of 2014: Highlights of This Year’s Notable Graduates

Just before commencement, many of the new engineers were finishing their senior projects that were showcased at engineering schools across our region. The Innovation Showcase featured several of my own undergraduate students as they finished up their two semester senior design project.

R6 Southern Area: “The Future is on the S-Curve” – Los Angeles on May 3

I was honored to participate in my fifth Region 6 area meeting this year, led by R6 Southern Area Chair, Doug Askegard and hosted by UCLA.  At five area meetings, I have now completed the circuit of the Western USA Region.

I have to give this meeting the public relations nod, as they did an impressive press release IEEE Region 6 Southern Area Meeting Gathers IEEE Student … and had several good cameras in play taking photos.  May 3 was not even over before the story of our day were released in photos under the title “Happy Group

The keynote, given by futurist Nathalie Gosset, was a revelation to me.  She was able to demonstrate how she applies the S-Curve approach to identifying and targeting major trends in technology.  While her tips about where to target the curve were important, I was particularly taken with her ideas about the ubiquitousness of such trends and her confidence in our ability to learn to strategically identify these.

It was delightful to meet Judith Love Cohen and her artist/illustrator husband, David Katz.  Ms. Cohen,  successful aerospace engineer with BSEE  (’57) and MSEE (’62) from USC, was being awarded by IEEE-USA for her series of books You Could Be a Woman… that started with You Could Be a Woman Engineer and their successful efforts proselytizing engineering through a Girl Scout merit badge in Aero Engineering.

Kathleen Kramer | Candidate for IEEE R6 Director-Elect


“The Cloud Meets the Bluetooth Smart” – Standing room only on April 30

It wasn’t easy but we managed to arrange a truly last minute Distinguished Lecture engagement for Joe Decuir.  (Sincere thanks to several folks for their graciousness on Monday and Tuesday as we worked to plan a talk for Wednesday.)  The University of San Diego Student Branch stepped up and became co-sponsors as well.

I was aiming for 15 attendees, even though it’s a great topic, given the last minute notice and the meeting conflicts.  Having well over twice that number of members to find seats for was a great problem to have.

It was clearly a topic of great interest and impressive how many current developers were there to get the inside scoop from speaker Joe Decuir whose known both for his industry achievements and his leadership on the standards.  Thank you, Joe, for a valuable contribution.

On the IEEE-AESS side, there was a Linkedin post just this morning on how all this is relevant to AESS.  (I had thought we were staying a little far from core topics in the name of bringing a great talk in, but now I can say Consumer Electronics has met AESS here.

IEEE-HKN Initiation on April 24

My IEEE involvement this week included an IEEE honor society initiation.  Most IEEE members don’t realize it, but Eta Kappa Nu, the electrical engineering honor society, is now IEEE-HKN.  The honor society, founded in 1904, officially became part of IEEE in 2011.  The vast majority of IEEE-HKN members join as undergraduates in electrical or computer engineering who are in the upper 1/4 of their junior class or upper 1/5 of their senior class.    A good way to recognize alumni and to strengthen ties with between students and the IEEE membership is for the chapter to induct these professionals into IEEE-HKN. There was no chapter at my own undergraduate institution, so I never had that opportunity back when I was a student.  I was inducted later as a professional and am proud to be part of this organization.

There are very few IEEE members of the section who cold-call the student branches looking for ways to give support (although I can note some esteemed exceptions) but my experience is that a high proportion of section members will say yes to opportunities to involve themselves and support the students.  One of my IEEE colleagues, Larry Hamerman, often points out that there are limits on everything EXCEPT how much the section can spend to support to students. IEEE-HKN can be a vehicle not just for recognition of good students but for recognition of members in a way that strengthens ties with the local section.