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IEEE Region 6 – Getting in Shape

IEEE Region 6 Executive Committee met in San Francisco on November 14.  We made plans for and around 2016 conferences, events, and meetings that will lead off with IEEE Rising Stars in Las Vegas on January 2.  While we agreed on being cool and creative as one of the goals for Region 6, we also agreed on a new logo. The horizontal version is below and there’s a square-er one that shows off the 6. Both logos are seen at the IEEERegion 6 website.logo - horizontal 4

Minnesota Meets Hawaii at First Joint Region Opcom – January 23-25

In January, leaders across two regions worked together on a variety of issues of interest to members.  The first-ever joint meeting brought out new President-Elect Barry Shoop and both 2016 IEEE president-elect candidates, both IEEE-USA president-elect candidates, along with leadership from across 17 states.  Outcomes and presentations are available at

Thanks to the creativity and showmanship of Region 6 Director Tom Coughlin, leaders of both regions are now sporting one of two IEEE Region 6 Hawaiian shirts — In the picture below, everyone is wearing an IEEE shirt: Region 6 Past Director Mike Andrews is seen sporting one IEEE R6 Hawaiian shirt and San Diego Section Chair Upkar Dhaliwal is wearing the other in this picture showing the UCSD student branch award.


UCSD IEEE Student Branch wins Region award



IEEE-HKN Initiation on April 24

My IEEE involvement this week included an IEEE honor society initiation.  Most IEEE members don’t realize it, but Eta Kappa Nu, the electrical engineering honor society, is now IEEE-HKN.  The honor society, founded in 1904, officially became part of IEEE in 2011.  The vast majority of IEEE-HKN members join as undergraduates in electrical or computer engineering who are in the upper 1/4 of their junior class or upper 1/5 of their senior class.    A good way to recognize alumni and to strengthen ties with between students and the IEEE membership is for the chapter to induct these professionals into IEEE-HKN. There was no chapter at my own undergraduate institution, so I never had that opportunity back when I was a student.  I was inducted later as a professional and am proud to be part of this organization.

There are very few IEEE members of the section who cold-call the student branches looking for ways to give support (although I can note some esteemed exceptions) but my experience is that a high proportion of section members will say yes to opportunities to involve themselves and support the students.  One of my IEEE colleagues, Larry Hamerman, often points out that there are limits on everything EXCEPT how much the section can spend to support to students. IEEE-HKN can be a vehicle not just for recognition of good students but for recognition of members in a way that strengthens ties with the local section.