Back from the International Symposium on INnovations in Intelligent SysTems and Applications (INISTA) – June 23-25

Although I firmly believe in the preeminence of Region 6, I left the region last week to participate in INISTA 2014 in Alberobello, Italy in the Puglia region of Italy.  I have been to many conferences, but this one provided some special experiences, not the least of which was that I was kept pretty busy.

Day 1:  Chaired the session on Industrial Applications.  The conference had an American presence, but its roots are in Turkey with last year’s conference being in Bulgaria (and next year’s in Madrid).  Their industrial applications were interesting, from intelligent methods to formulate yogurt to control oil drilling.

Day 2:  Member of the judges commission for the poster session for Puglia region projects related to a fascinating program Puglia Smart Lab | Open Living Labs featuring collaborative technology projects across healthcare, social services, culture, civil protection, and the environment.  The idea is to open up knowledge access and services for the benefit of the region in relatively small, short-term projects.  Judging was a quite a task as there were 24 posters and entries each gave a short presentation.

Day 3: Presented work I co-authored with Stephen Stubberud, “Threat Assessment for GPS Navigation”  which applied evidence accrual techniques including fuzzy Kalman filtering and image correlation techniques GPS security. It was well received.