ABET Summer Meeting – Apply to be an IEEE Program Evaluator

Each July brings the ABET summer meeting — this year, as for many years, it was in Arlington, VA — next year it will be in Baltimore, MD. Having served as an IEEE program evaluator for several years, I was honored to join the Engineering Accreditation Commission this year at the summer meeting.

ABET used to stand for the Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology, but it’s name is now really just ABET. ABET is not an organization of individuals, but an organization of societies and IEEE has a vital interest in its activities. IEEE provides evaluators for programs in IEEE-related disciplines of engineering (electrical, electronic, and computer, among others). While most of the ABET-accredited programs are engineering programs covered by the Engineering Accreditation Commission, there are also three other commissions: the Computing Accreditation Commission (CAC), the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission (ETAC), and the Applied Science Accreditation Commission (ASAC) where IEEE members, depending upon their expertise and experience, may be selected to serve.

I would like to encourage interested senior members of IEEE to apply to serve as program evaluators. ABET – Volunteer! Become an ABET Program Evaluator   IEEE is particularly in need of volunteers from industry to help maintain the balance between industry and academic in its program evaluators. You can get more information from IEEE – Apply to Become a Program Evaluator.